Electrical Vertical Systems

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Electrical Vertical Systems

Our Vertical systems come with a large list of standard features, and are built for continuous trouble free operation.

Standard Features

  • Powder Coated Frame With Vibration Isolation Of Compressor And Motor
  • Pressure Switch Activated Shutdown And Restart When In Auto Mode
  • CSA Approved Electrical Components And Systems
  • Hour Meter Displayed on PLC
  • Automatic And Manual Operation Modes
  • Inter-stage And Final Stage Safety Relief Valves
  • Automatic Condensate Drain With Silent Collection Reservoir
  • High Air Temperature Alarm And Shutdown
  • Low Oil Level/Pressure Alarm And Shutdown
  • Inter-stage And Final Oil/Water Separators
  • Individual Stage And Discharge Pressure Gauge Panel
  • Continuous Duty Operation
  • System air quality meets “Grade E” and CSA Standards Z180.1 & Z94.4
  • PLC Control Of Compressor System
  • Visual And Audible Fault Indicators
  • Ergonomic Gauge And Control Panel
  • C.R.N. Registered Purification And Separator Towers
  • All Stainless Steel Plumbing to CSA Standards B31 & B51
  • Pressure Maintaining And Check Valves To Maximize Purification Life


  • Ultra Silent Package (Vertical Systems only)
  • Sound Insulating Panels
  • Carbon Dioxide Monitor

Ultra Silent Package

We offer an ultra silent package with sound suppression to less than 72dba, with above average cooling. By adding an auxiliary cooling fan in the top of the cabinet, cool filtered air is drawn from close to the floor and hot air is blown up and out of the cabinet. To ensure good air quality and to protect the Compressor from over heating, we use two air temperature switches. One monitors the temperature inside the cabinet and the other monitors the discharge air. Both switches can shut down the compressor to prevent overheating.

Vertical Systems

C55-1EV6.2550001325lbs22”D x 30”W x 53”H315,000cuft
C55-3EV6.2550003320lbs22”D x 30”W x 53”H315,000cuft
C90-1EV10.87.550001350lbs22”D x 30”W x 53”H330,000cuft
C90-3EV10.87.550003345lbs22”D x 30”W x 53”H330,000cuft
C90H-1EV10.87.560001355lbs22”D x 30”W x 53”H330,000cuft
C90H-3EV10.87.560003350lbs22”D x 30”W x 53”H330,000cuft
M13-1EV151060001500lbs29”D x 34”W x 56”H440,000cuft
M13-3EV151060003495lbs29”D x 34”W x 56”H440,000cuft
M16-1EV191560001510lbs29”D x 34”W x 56”H470,000cuft
M16-3EV191560003500lbs29”D x 34”W x 56”H470,000cuft
M25-1EV262060001540lbs29”D x 34”W x 56”H490,000cuft
M25-3EV262060003535lbs29”D x 34”W x 56”H490,000cuft