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Purifier Cartridges

We stock OEM Purifier Cartridges as well as manufacturing cartridges to fit most major purification manufacturers. Contact us if you don’t see what you need.

Irwin Air Cartridges

Our purification chemicals are stored and our cartridges are assembled in a climate controlled room ensuring you the highest quality cartridge.

We manufacture cartridges to fit most compressor systems and we can vary the chemical mix to meet your specific purification needs.

Purification Chemicals

13X Molecular Sieve – This high grade desiccant is as much as four times more powerful than other desiccants at high temperatures. 13X can absorb up to 23% of its own weight in water. 13X also has the ability to absorb hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and other organics.

Sodazorb – Also known as Soda Lime this particulate absorbs CO2 from moist air and is used in a pre-filter in areas were Carbon Dioxide is a problem.

Activated Alumina – This medium grade desiccant works to absorb and condense vapours. With its high durability Alumina is used to pre-treat the air by absorbing large droplets of moisture and helping to condense vapours.

Silica Gel – This highly durable desiccant is tolerant to water. When blended with Alumina it works to remove and hold large amounts of moisture from air.

Activated Carbon – This media is used to absorb both hydrocarbons from oil vapour as well as odours and other hydrocarbons. The small granule size creates a large amount of surface area.

Carulite® 300 – This highly effective catalyst eliminates potentially deadly carbon monoxide by converting it to carbon dioxide. With dry air at ambient temperature Carulite® eliminates up to 95% of carbon monoxide.

CRN Purifier/Separator Towers

Part Number Description Pressure
P1 15,000cuft Purifier 5000psi
P2 30,000cuft Purifier 5000psi
P3 40,000cuft Purifier 5000psi
P2H 30,000cuft Purifer 6000psi
P3H 40,000cuft Purifer 6000psi
S1 Separator Tower 4500psi
S2 Separator Tower 6000psi
Clamps & Channels
P1118 2½” Clamp
P2046 3″ Clamp
P1120 3½” Clamp
P2062 5″ Clamp
P1126 8″ Clamp
P3300 ¾” Deep Channel
P1000 1½” Deep Channel
LS-901170 X-Zam Air Test Kit Z-180 or Grade “E”

Separator Elements

Part Number Description
708SE Paper Element
1008SE Paper Element
6185RK Separator Rebuild Kit
61858 Sinter
61859 Sinter

Intake Filters

Part Number Description
N70 Intake Filter
N4823 Intake Filter
PD2023 Intake Filter
MA1 Fits Coltii MCH6
NA1 Fits North American NA12